The Unconventional Truth

Posted: July 28, 2010 in General
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Weight loss seems to be the big fad of our generation, and unfortunately, I have now caught the bug.

While most people begin this insane pursuit in the New Year, unfortunately I have little choice but to start at as we head toward August.

With the wedding of our friends in a month and a half and our own wedding in under a year, myself and the future Mrs Doyle are officially on a health kick.

Monday night football is noo longer enough as I have barely lost any weight since adding a stone to my not inconsiderable collection Christmas before last.

So the Wii Fit has been dusted off and we have a schedule where exercise is penned in six out of seven days.

After weathering the abuse of the all-too-clever plastic board (“It’s been 23 days since your last session, I wonder if I can remember your name…) I was actually rather pleased with my first efforts, just 24 hours after a gruelling football match in the warmest rainstorm I have felt on these shores for some time.

We are also ‘eating healthily’. This apparently means binning all the food in the house that has taste and replacing it with salad. So far it’s going well but it has only been two days. Can we stick to it? Time will tell.


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