Will a DeLorean take me back along the biological timeline

Posted: August 16, 2010 in General
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It’s happened. My future sister and brother-in-laws have had a lovely baby girl and the inevitable has happened, my good lady now wants one. To be honest, I want one (although preferably a boy, I think they are easier).

Unfortunately while I am fairly laid back about timescale, feeling no pressure at all, it seems I have overlooked some major piece of machinery that has had a dramatic effect on my missus – the biological clock.

Apparently there is a time limit for these things, and the countdown begins not at a specific age, but when someone else has one. If I do say so myself we both have youth on our side but now there is a ticking noise accompanying every day as previously unknown deadlines loom.

We’re getting married…tick tock…I’d like to save to buy a house…tick tock…shall we go on holiday…tick tock…

But as I sit back and think about it, whatever happens, when you look at that little baby and think of having your own, the sacrifices, pain and discomfort necessary to raise it all pale into insignificance.

And those mini Adidas Superstar II’s are just adorable.


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