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Today’s a big day. Not because of the basketball I spoke of yesterday, but because my future father in law and fellow sadist (the new nickname for Tranmere Rovers beleaguered fans), is going in for a big heart operation.

Obviously everyone is very worried, surgery is a scary thing at the best of times., but it has all been brought into sharp relief by the fact he has just added a granddaughter to his flock (and it is not mine, before anyone goes panicking).

That has simply added another level of emotion and poignancy to the situation and has led to a highly charged atmosphere in the house recently.

Luckily though he is having his procedure at Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool, which in my opinion is probably the best place in the world he could be.

Great facilities and great staff who know hearts inside out (handy) will make sure he received the best treatment and care available.

It is unlike me to do this as I usually have a light hearted pay-off but please, think on if you pass a British Heart Foundation shop or see someone collecting for the charity and give a handful of the scrap metal in your pockets.

You might just be thankful you did if you one day end up in L14.